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My Life With Epilespy

I suspected it was a seizure but I wasn't sure so I called my mother and asked her. I told her I could feel them and they made my head feel funny. That I was shaking but not violently. But they lasted about 30 seconds.

She said that I first started to have grand mal seizures when I was 9 months old and the trigger was an inter ear infection. Then at the age of 5 I was having Pettie mals. So she told me I needed to go to the doctor right away.

Off to the doctor I went and told him my story and he checked me and said that I didn't have an inter ear infection, but I did have a sinus infection. How the heck could I have a sinus infection and not know it? Beats me. He gave me some pills to clear it up and ordered me to take an EEG. So I did. It came back abnormal. That scared me.

The doctor's office sent me to a neurologist. But by the time I was able to get in to see him my sinus infection had cleared up and the seizures had stopped. So I told him what was happening. He said that I wouldn't feel them if I was really having them and that it wouldn't have wakened me up.

Then he said that since they had stopped that he would say that it was do to not getting enough REM sleep. What I didn't understand at this point was why he said that since I was getting enough sleep. I was confused. Oh well, no use rocking the boat.