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My Life With Epilespy

I was still having the déja vus, but thought I was just physic, and the staring spells, but ignored those too. After I moved here to Louisiana I notice the staring was getting worse but I was aware of my surroundings so I thought it was just laziness or something.

In '99 I stated talking to this person I worked with who has Epilepsy, but I couldn't identify what she was having with what I was having. So I searched the internet I read all the professional sites but they didn't really explain what I was feeling. So I gave up looking.

Around the first of the year of '01 the staring spells got worst. I would walked into my office and stop, or stand up from my desk and just stand there, and when it would hit me I was doing this I would wonder, "Why am I just standing here?". Still it didn't click with me.

About May or June I started having the spells in my head that felt funny. It is hard to explain what it felt like. Some were the déja vu feeling. Some were like if I turn to look at something, it would take my mind a few seconds to catch up with it. Kind of like the computer mouse with the dragging tail.

But it felt, I say... fuzzy, but let me explain better. It was like a short circuit, like fuzzzz. Like your eyes are playing tricks on your mind. Like you're sitting still and the whole world is moving/spinning around you. Guess it would be a cool feeling if you were a drunk or on drugs. But since I'm not either, I was confused and soon scared. What in the world was happening to me?