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My Life With Epilespy

The breaking point for me was when I was driving. I was going down a street and passed my turn off and didn't realize it for 2 blocks. Then wonder why and when I passed it. I didn't even remember passing it.

Then I remembered that in '95 I was having the same sensations just before I had the nighttime episodes. So I went to the doctor and told him my history. He said I had a slight infection and gave me some pills. Then he referred me to a neurologist.

While waiting for my appointment I went out on the net again. I was looking on information of what seizures felt like. Though I didn't find those sites I did find some interesting facts about seizures. I found that they can last only a few seconds and that one can be aware of their surroundings. That the déja vus I was having were also seizures. Or why I get the feeling the car is moving when it isn't. I found out why certain designs of windshields sets my head spinning. Sometimes I start feeling weird / sick when riding in a car. Why? The movement of the objects in my side vision causes the seizures.

So as of 07/01 the Neurologist has set me up for an EEG and a MRI. And has put me on 300mg of Tegretol. Since I have been taking the new medicine, my hands have started to have tremors. So I guess I'll be making a phone call and tell them I can't handle these tremors. I will update this site when I know more….

Thanks for stopping in…. Dott