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Living With Fibromyalgia
- My Story -
Update: July 2001

Well I have been on Elivil, which is an antidepressant, now for 3 years. I take 200 mg a night which is considered high. But that was the only doesage that would let me sleep most of the night without waking up. I still tend to wake up sometimes but not often. I am not sure how a drug that is suppose to be an upper (or so it would seem to be an upper if it is used for depression) would help you sleep. But let me tell you, it helps more than you know or would think. I did not think I had a sleeping problem, so I was reluctant to take them. But when I miss of my nightly dose I sure know it.

I found out that when I miss dose I tend to lay in that stage where your brain keeps running and it drags the night on forever. Every sound and movement wakes me up. And the next day you get up feeling tired. I don't mean sleepy tired, (that comes later in the day) I mean body achy dragging brain hurting tired.

I still get days where I have muscle spasms but not like I use to or as often as I use to. My problems these days are due to infamation of my siatic nerve and on my spine. But my husband is still as kind and understanding as he was before we married. and he still rubs my back untill his fingers hurts. I think finding a mate that can be compassionate to my problems has been a big help. And I wouldn't trade him in for all the money in the world.

Let me say again thank you for visiting my small corner in this vast cyber world. May god bless... Dott

Living With Fibromyalgia
- My Story - Homepage

Living With Fibromyalgia
- My Story - Part III

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