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Learning To Live Again

The night before it was really late by the time we got home. Kevin had fallen asleep in the car and it was hard to get him up to walk to the house. So I sent him to bed he didn't even take his coat off. And sleep walked to his room. I was too busy cleaning up from our Thanksgiving dinner, so I didn't get to tell him I love him. I didn't know I would wake up the next day and never see him again.

I was woken up at 6:30 by Brandon & Dwayne who came running into the bedroom. The house was full of smoke and it when we opened the bedroom door you could see an orange glow down the hall. I then opened the window and lowered the boys outside. My boyfriend (at that time) had run around the outside to the living room and busted a window to divert the fire form where the other two boys were. The smoke was so thick you couldn't see your hand. When I heard him at the boys' window so I grabbed the kitten (Toto) that was making horrible meow from the bed and jumped out the window. I then went around to the boys' room. He had to throw an electric cord in to guide his son to the window. And as he got him there he was yelling "Someone help me!!! Don't let my son die!" About this time I was thinking, "what about my son"? He is in that room too.

I kept hollowing for Kevin, but he never answered me. Just before we pulled the other boy out, he felt on the bed and said Kevin was not there. He didn't know where he was. I stayed at that window yelling at Kevin, and begging him to answer me, but he never did.

Finally they came and pulled me from the window just as the fire overcame the room. That was the worst sight I have ever seen. Know my child was in that room somewhere. And then I screamed and started to cry. It was almost like I wasn't there. This was not happening to me.

That is about the time the fire truck arrived. After they put the fire out. They found Kevin. He had crawled up in the headboard of his bed to sleep. He had a bookcase head board. That is why he wasn't on the mattress. They say he died from smoke inhalation. And he was most likely dead before we were out of the trailer and that is why he never answered me. I hope they are right and that he didn't feel the fire. That would be a horrible thing for me to except.

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