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Learning To Live Again

Don't let anyone tell you not to grieve for your child. Or that you need to suppress it. That is NOT healthy. Everyone has their own way to handle it. What is good for one person may not be good for another. Some people think that by avoiding the conversation, or not mentioning the child's name that it helps us over come it. That is not true. When you avoid talking about my child. I feel that he is not missed, that no one cares, or that he has been forgotten. And that makes me sadder.

All that can be done is to try to support the family and lend an ear, or a shoulder to cry on, when they need it. And give them time to grieve. The death of a child is not easy at all to overcome. Someone once told me, "God only puts on you what he knows you can handle." To be able to get back to life after the loss of a child makes one a pretty strong person. Even though our lives will never be the same, we have overcome the greatest challenge of all. Nothing in the world could happen to me now that would be a greater loss than I have already encountered. There is not one thing I can think of that is worst than this. (With the exception of losing another child.) It is all up hill from here. And nothing can knock me further down than what I have already been through.

I would like to thank you for reading my pages and letting me share my sorrow with you. I hope this will help you understand what we are going through. Or let you know I understand how you feel. If you would like to share with me your grief, I will be glad to lend an ear. Just E-mail me. Please don't forget to go visit Kevin's Homepage and check out his site! And please sign his book.

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