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Kevin Floyd Jasper
September of 1995
(7 yrs. old)


Kevin Floyd Jasper was born January 18, 1988. He was a very chubby baby, but he outgrew that eventually. Well excpet for a little "pot-belly" that he had. Kevin had blond curly hair, and blue eyes. When he was 5 yrs old he begged me to cut it off. "Because curls were for girls and he is a BOY!" So I did. and I cried when I cut it, cause he had such pretty hair. He laughed at me and thought I was being silly.

Kevin was a true Animal & Insect lover. I remember a time when we had gone to the store. Kevin couldn't go in because he forgot his shirt and shoes, so he had to stay in the car. When I came back outside, he was laying down in the backseat with a little green tree frog on his stomache just chatting away to this frog.
This is Kevin's
"pout" face. He
would cross his
arms & eyebrows,
and poke out his
lips out when he
was mad about

Kevin was a real chatter box. He talked almost constantly. Once Kevin & I walked 13 blocks to Taco Bell, ate lunch, and then walked another 7 or so blocks to my Aunt Joyce's house. And during this whole time Kevin never stopped talking.

Kevin loved to eat. He never turned anything down. (except once he refused to eat asparagus... and that was only after tring it) He usually cleared his plate before if left the table. His favorite was BlueBerry Pancakes. He ate 9 pancakes one morning.

This picture was taken in
Feburary of '93. It is the
kids' 1st snowman that
they made. (with the help
of Aunt Julie) Kevin is the
one in the brown coat &
socks hanging off his hands.
The snowman had plastic
knifes for arms, onion rings
for eyes, a french fry for a
mouth, a carrot for a nose,
and Mom's shoes for feet.
(Pitiful isn't it?)

Kevin's favorite color was "red". His favorite song was "Achy Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cryus. His fovorite movie was "Jurasic Park" (He loved dinosaurs) His favorite toy was the "T-REX" that thumped. He liked football, and his team was the "Dallas Cowboys". And he use to collect "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" & "Power Rangers" toys.

Kevin passed away about 6:30 AM on November 24, 1995 due to smoke inhalation. They say he died in his sleep. The cause of the fire to my mobile home was undetermined. He had rolled up into the headboard of his bed, which is why we couldn't find him on the bed or anywhere else. and the smoke was so thick you couldn't see 2' in front of you.

Kevin is greatly loved and missed by all who knew him. But he is in God's arms now. And I am pretty sure he is singing with the angels. To find out a little more about Kevin please visit his other pages. Thank you for sharing your time with us in remembering my son.

Kevin's Favorite Song

Achy Breaky Heart
This is the Wav. version.
(full length version)

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