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Our Familys' Homepages

Mike & Rebecca
This is Eric's brother Mike,
and his wife, Rebecca's site.
This is Dott's Mother's site.
Charles & Melanie
This is Dott's brother Chuck,
and his wife Melanie's site.
This is Dott's niece's site.
This is not all. We will be updating this page as soon
as we find the URLs. So
keep checking back with us.
And remember to "Refersh"
the page!!

Our Friends Homepages:

She has poems, e-mail greetings, mIRC poppers and much, much, more!
This site is about world travel and the different countries that he has visited.
I was informed that this
site is under constuction.

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Links To Other Cool Sites In And Around Baton Rouge:

Want to check out the weather? Well we have a page set up for the weather updates here in Baton Rouge, and weather updates for the areas that our families live in! Check it out.

Want to check out the news??
- - Try our morning paper - -


Check out our Local TV Stations.

WBRZ Channel 2 - ABC
LPB Channel 27 - PBS
WAFB Channel 9 - CBS
WVLA Channel 33 - NBC
This site is under construction
WGMB Channel 44 - FOX
This site is under construction
WBTR Channel 19 -
This site is under construction
TV 52
This site is under construction

I will add the other 2 when I find their
URL. But for now I'll just say they are:
Channel 11 - WTVK
Channel 21 - WTNC.

Links To Other Cool Sites:

Check this out! You can see what Baton Rouge looks like from a bird's view. go to then you click on the map to go where you want. There is even a page to click on where you can type in a place and get the direct view. Don't forget you can zoom in for a better view.

Also there is a place that you can see the heat here in Baton Rouge. Go to NASA and check it out. They have a very neat site.You can learn alot from it.

Other Favorite
Misc. Web-Pages:

Info Louisiana
Info Indiana
Columbus, IN
Mississippi Gulf Coast
Ty Beanie Babies
LA. Department of
Economic Development
Applied Business Concepts